Looking for an easy way to clean and evenly cut your beets? With our various machines, you save time and raw materials. This way, you easily add the fodder beet to the fodder.

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At VDW Construction, we have a wide range in the niche market of beet processing. Beets need to be cleaned and cut before you can use them as animal feed. We strive for efficient ways to save time and raw materials for your farm. That’s why you can use a beet cutter to make the process easier. We have several machines in our range that both clean and cut the beet, saving you time and money.

Different types of beet cutters/cleaners

All-in-one beet processing

We designed some beet processing machines that both cut and clean. That way, you can reduce the total operational cost and maximise your efficiency. Discover our machines for beet cleaning and cutting::

Aims to clean beet and potatoes, carrots or other tuber crops more thoroughly before cutting. This is achieved by rotating the cleaning rollers in two directions, cleaning the crops in a controlled way before they are led to the cutting section.

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The beet cleaner/cutter has a very thorough cleaning process where the beets are grated by the large cleaning roller before being cut. The machine cannot handle potatoes and is mainly suitable for telehandlers and tractors.

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To thoroughly clean and then cut beets. This machine is mainly suitable for telehandlers, depending on the model, but is not suitable for potatoes.

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Mainly suitable for tractors and, by means of a cleaning roller, allows more aggressive cleaning of beets than cleaning with axial rollers. Its purpose is to clean and cut beets, but it is not suitable for potatoes.

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The Cleaner Tiger is a stationary machine for cleaning and cutting beets. Beets are thoroughly cleaned before being cut thanks to the 3-metre-long cleaning roller. This machine can process up to 15 tonnes of beet per hour with a constant feed.

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High throughput,can process up to 20 tonnes of beet per hour.

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Is a stationary machine that can treat beets in 4 phases: dry cleaning, de-stoning, wet cleaning, and finally cutting/chipping.

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Why choose a beet cutter/cleaner?

By combining beet cleaning and cutting in one machine, you ensure efficient beet processing. So you also only need one machine that can do both jobs.

Our beet cutters are designed with daily use in your farm in mind. Thanks to the best quality materials, a beet cutter from VDW Construction is a sustainable investment.

Service and support

At VDW Construction, we ensure quality in machinery and service for your farm. We support you after purchase with machine maintenance through your dealer.

Find your dealer near you  and check out the different beet cutters. Or contact us for more information on the different options.

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