Operation of a weighing system

Weighing sensors: The weighing system uses sensors strategically placed on the machine. These sensors measure the weight of the material being processed.

Electronic unit: The sensors send the measured weight information to a central electronic unit. This unit processes the data and calculates the total weight.

Display and control: On the control panel or display in the cabin, the operator and operator can read the weight information. This can be useful when dosing materials, such as feed or manure.

Calibration: Before commissioning the machine, the weighing system should be calibrated. This ensures that the measurements are accurate and that the system functions correctly.

Applications: The weighing system is used on various agricultural machines, such as feed and mixing machines, straw distributors and beet cutters. It helps to dose materials accurately and optimise efficiency.

Just now you were introduced to the weighing system. But that’s not all! You can also come to us for various other loading techniques.

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Silage Defacers are machines used to work silage. They break up the compact layer of ensiled feed, making it easier to remove the feed from the silage.
These machines have rotating blades that cut through the silage and loosen it. They can be attached to tractors or other agricultural vehicles.

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Shear Grabs are grippers specifically designed to scoop up and move silage.
They have sharp teeth or claws to get a grip on the feed. Shear Grabs are often used to remove feed from the silage and load it into feed mixers.

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Service and support

Through our dealers, we offer you comprehensive service and support after purchase of any loader. We ensure that your machines continue to perform optimally with regular maintenance. Our experts are on hand to answer questions and solve potential problems efficiently.

With almost 50 years of experience in the production of agricultural machinery, you can count on the quality and service of VDW Construction. Would you also like to use our loading capabilities in your farm? Find your  dealer nearby or  request more information about the different loading machines.

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