At VDW Construction, we strive to optimise your farm business. We provide agricultural machinery that is easy and fast to use and saves you time and resources. An important element in agriculture is the feeding process. We provide various tools for this so that you can work in an innovative way and increase productivity. A lot of attention is often paid to ensiling, while a good way of ensiling also saves feed. There are several tools for efficiently ensiling your feed. A Shear grab is one of the handy tools to keep your feed intact and prevent heating in the silage.


How does a Shear Grab work?

A Shear Grab is a tool that can be attached to agricultural machinery to help cut forage efficiently. Thanks to the precision of our silage beaters, they easily cut through the forage and get in as little air as possible. This ensures a very small chance of scalding in the silage, thus ensuring the quality of your forage.

Our Shear grab are suitable for biting all types of feed and are available in 3 models. The happer bites all the way across the bowl, reducing feed losses in the ensilage process. Two cylinders on each side keep the bucket cutting evenly. The sturdy model is equipped with 3 tubes distributed over the structure to prevent torsion.

What are the advantages of a Shear Grab?

Our Shear grab are designed to efficiently collect forage. So you lose as little silage as possible during cutting.

There are different types of silage. Whether it is silage grass or maize, our Shear Grabs are versatile and suitable for cutting all types of silage. This therefore makes them ideal for farms working with different types of silage.

Manufactured in high-quality materials, our silage hoppers are resistant to daily use on your farm. In addition, the efficient design of the Shear grab ensures minimum loss of silage. That way, you save time and resources.

We designed the Shear grabs with you, the farmer, in mind. They are therefore very easy to handle and provide working comfort.

Just now you were introduced to the Shear grab. But that’s not all! You can also come to us for various other loading techniques.

Take a look at our options below.

Tightly milling the silage with the Shear Grab

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A weighing system is used to measure the weight of materials during loading or unloading.
It can be integrated into various agricultural machines, such as silage hoppers or high tip buckets, to provide accurate weight information.

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Service and support

We at VDW Construction, through our dealers, are here for you with comprehensive customer service and support after purchasing a silage harvester. We ensure your attachment continues to perform optimally with regular maintenance.

With nearly 50 years of experience in agricultural machinery manufacturing, you can count on VDW Construction’s quality and service. Discover the capabilities of our silage harvesters and how they can optimise your feeding process.

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