How does a slurry mixer work?

Used to turn the thick slurry in the manure pit into a more homogeneous mass. This makes emptying the manure pit go more smoothly. In most cases, the manure mixer is driven by the tractor power take-off. Electrical solutions using an electric motor or a hydraulic drive are also possible. The manure mixer is placed at an angle in the manure pit (whether or not on chutes). When the screw turns, it pulls the manure through the muzzle (shield around the screw). Through the forced action, the thicker manure, or fraction, is made more homogeneous, so the manure can be pumped up better and faster later.


Customised solutions for your farm

We offer not only our standard mixers, but also customised solutions. There are endless options to fully customise your manure mixer. This way, you will have a manure mixer that fully meets the specific needs for your farm. At VDW construction, we assist you with expertise and craftsmanship to design the perfect customised manure mixer for you.

Service and support

Through our dealers, we offer you comprehensive service and support after purchasing a manure mixer. We ensure that your machines continue to perform optimally with regular maintenance. Our experts are on hand to answer questions and solve potential problems efficiently.

With almost 50 years of experience in the production of agricultural machinery, you can count on the quality and service of VDW Construction. Would you also like to use our manure mixers in your farm? Find your dealer near you or request more information about the different manure mixers.

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