How does a Silage Defacer work ?

The Silage Defacer is designed to loosen and evenly distribute feed in a silage pit.

It prevents loose feed from being left behind in the silage, which can lead to heated feed.

The Silage Defacer is attached to a telescopic loader (telehandler) or other suitable agricultural vehicle.

As the machine drives over the silage, the knives of the silage cutter are inserted into the silage pit.

The blades cut the feed loose and distribute it evenly over the surface of the silage.

Thanks to the specially serrated distribution discs, the feed is optimally compacted.

The strong plastic discs on the side of the machine allow driving along the silage edge without damaging the machine.

The Silage Defacer is sand and waterproof and can fill up to 1,000 litres.

A well-functioning Silage Defacer contributes to efficient forage harvesting and prevents wastage.

Just now you were introduced to the Silage Defacer. But that’s not all! You can also come to us for various other loading techniques.

Take a look at our options below.

Shear Grabs are grippers specifically designed to scoop up and move silage.
They have sharp teeth or claws to get a grip on the feed. Shear Grabs are often used to remove feed from the silage and load it into feed mixers.

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A weighing system is used to measure the weight of materials during loading or unloading.
It can be integrated into various agricultural machines, such as silage hoppers or high tip buckets, to provide accurate weight information.

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