At VDW Construction, we strive to find efficient ways to save time and resources for your farm. There are different types of ensiling techniques to store your forage. Using a maize Leveler to move your silage is one of them. With a Maize Leveler, you can easily and quickly spread the forage over the silage, saving time and money.


How does a Maize Leveler work?

Mainly used to scoop up, move and evenly distribute maize. This is useful when filling feed troughs and making silage. It consists of a sturdy frame with a series of tines or forks at the front. These tines are designed to grip and lift the maize.
The maize leveler is usually attached to a tractor or other agricultural vehicle. It can also be operated manually, depending on the type and size.
When using the maize leveler, it is inserted into the maize hump. The tines grip the maize and lift it up. The maize is then moved to the desired location, such as a feed trough or silage pile.
Some maize levelers have an additional knife attached to the bottom. This knife helps cut and distribute the maize, spreading it evenly.
The Maize Leveler makes farm work easier.

Here are some more examples of silage technology

Our silage forks allow you to quickly and efficiently distribute large quantities of grass and/or maize over your silage. You thus save valuable time and energy during the ensilage of your silage.

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Is a machine that has specially serrated distribution discs for optimum silage compaction. The strong plastic discs on the side of the machine ensure that it can be driven nicely along the silage edge without damaging the machine. Moreover, the machine is sand- and watertight and can fill up to 1000 litres

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Firmly press the ensiled forage (such as grass or maize).

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Service and support

With almost 50 years of experience in the production of agricultural machinery, you can count on the quality and service of VDW Construction. Discover the possibilities and various advantages of our Maize Leveler to ensile your fodder. Our experts will help you choose the right machine for your farm’s silage technology. After purchase, you can contact us through your dealer for support and maintenance of your machine.

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