Easily and quickly shift maize across the silage with the maize leveler.

  • Easy corn levelling across the pit
  • Available in 2 models
    • 3m design (fixed)
    • 4m10 version (hydraulic folding)
  • Opens and closes hydraulically; two double-acting valves required (at 4m10)
  • Plastic bearing wings (at 4m10)
  • Interchangeable wear holes at the bottom
  • Cat 3 /Cat 4 connection (at 4m10)
  • Road lighting (at 4m10)
  • Work lights (at 4m10)
  • Plastic rollers on the side

Maize Leveler 3m (fixed)

Maize Leveler 4m10 (folding)

A x B x C

3.00m x 1.57m x 0.86m2.90m x 1.52m x 1.03m

Overall width unfolded



Maize LevelerMaize Leveler
  • Hydraulic tilting
    o 3m implementation
    o 4m10m implementation
Maisschuif Optie Elektro Hydraulische Bediening
Electro hydraulic control with 6/2 valve(only on 4m10 version)
Maisschuif Optie Hydraulisch Schuinstellen
Hydraulically swivelled

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