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Bietenreiniger/snijder/ontstener “CLEANER TIGER QUATRO”

These farm machines are versatile and efficient for tuber crop processing. They may be equipped with functions for cleaning, cutting and/or washing. We have versions for telehandlers, tractors or as stationary setups. The system of de-stoning during processing improves product quality. So these machines are essential for processing crops such as beets, potatoes and all kinds of other tuberous crops.

Beet processing

This category includes:

Beet cleaner: The beet cleaning basket is suitable for cleaning (in option: cutting) beets and other tuberous plants.

Beet cutter: The beet cutter can shred a large volume of beet and/or potatoes in a very short time

Beet cleaner cutter: Suitable for cleaning and cutting beets, potatoes, carrots and other tuberous plants.

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Voederbak met bodemketting “VERREIKER”

Dispensing and mixing

This category includes:

Mixing Buckets: For ensiling and mixing loose products such as corn, cut grass, pulp, chopped straw, grains,…

Feed bins: For quick and easy ensiling and distribution of all kinds of feed such as corn, pulp, beets, potatoes, short or long cut grass,…

We have versions for telehandlers, tractors or as stationary setups.

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This category includes:

Straw blowers: suitable for tractor, articulated loader, telehandler or wheel loader.

Spreader: Scattering products such as sawdust, fine straw, separated manure, dried manure, compost,straw/lime,…

Distributors: Spreading of hay or straw, both rectangular and round packs, with or without unloading belt.

We have versions for telescopic handlers, tractors or as stationary setups (customized for the customer).

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This category includes:

Silage Defacer: To mill the silage tightly.

Silage Grab: Tightly cutting the silage and filling the mixing wagon.

Weighing system: An option on mainly feeding and mixing machines. Available both for wheel loaders, telehandlers, front loaders as well as the tractor three-point.

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Silagevork "GTM"


This category includes:

Silage fork “GTM“: Used to pick up, move and evenly distribute silage in the silage.

Silage distributor: Simple and quick distribution of silage.

Silage Compaction Roller: Firmly press the ensiled feed (such as grass or corn).

Mowing slide: Used to spread the ensiled feed throughout the silage.


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Manure mixes

This fully galvanized mixer offers versatility and efficiency in one. It is possible to install a reversing box on the mixer, which comes without PTO. With its twin auger screw, this mixer is designed for impressive capacity, available only with a pulling screw.

For additional options, the mixer is optionally available with a three-point frame or support stand. The three-point frame can be equipped with a hydraulic cylinder for lifting out the mixer. This mixer is available in tube lengths ranging from 3.5m to 5.8m. Moreover, it is possible to choose from several mixer square options, including 54cm, 60cm or 70cm.

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