Adding fodder beets to your cattle’s feed offers many benefits. They are high in fibre, minerals and vitamins, making them an energy-rich and tasty food source. They improve your cattle’s milk production and you save on other concentrates. It is best to clean the beets before cutting them into fodder, and to do this, use a beet cleaner.


At VDW Construction, we have a wide range in the niche market of beet processing. We strive for efficient ways to save time and resources for your farm. That’s why you can use a beet cleaner to make the process easier. Beets can be cleaned either dry or wet, and you can still cut them afterwards and mix them with the rest of your fodder.

What are the benefits of a beet cleaner?

Many of our machine attachments are a combination of both cleaner and cutter. This makes the process with our beet cleaners very fast.

Thanks to the careful cleaning process of the beet cleaners, your fodder beet will be of the best quality, so your livestock will also enjoy the best quality fodder.

Our beet cleaners are very easy to operate and maintain. So they work efficiently that way, saving you costs and resources.

Our beet cleaners are designed with longevity in daily use on your farm in mind, thanks to the high quality of our materials.

Beet cleaning basket

The beet cleaning basket is great for both dry and wet cleaning of beets. The cleaning basket consists of 2 halves for easy scooping or filling. The beet cleaner can thus be personalised to perfectly suit the needs of your farm. You have the option to add different options, such as cutting your beets.

In addition to our beet cleaning basket, we also offer many different beet processing machines that both clean and cut the beets. So you save time and money with a multifunctional machine.

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Service and support

At VDW Construction, we ensure the best quality in machinery and attachments, and strive to provide the best quality of customer service. Our experts are happy to assist you in choosing the right beet cleaner with options to best suit the needs of your farm.

Find your dealer near you or contact us  for more information on the different options of our beet cleaners and cutters.

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