The Beet Cleaning Basket is suitable for cleaning (in option: cutting) beets and other tuber crops.

  • Suitable for cleaning beets and other tuber crops
  • Available in different models
  • Fully hydraulically driven; one double-acting valve with leakage oil line required
  • Electro hydraulic locking of basket; 12V connection required
  • Large cleaning drum with bars
  • Locking cleaning drum on both sides
  • Attachment M or XL, depending on model, for coupling telescopic handler/wheel loader
Recommended min. oil flow rate40-70l/min.
Cleaning drum diameter: Model A: 1.00m

Model B: 1.30m

Overall width (A)B x C Width of cleaning drumWeight Contents

(2/3rd filled)

Model A 2.00m1.38m x 1.68m1,60m700kg800lM
Model A 2.40m1.38m x 1.68m2,00m850kg1000lM
Model A 2.80m1.38m x 1.68m2,40m1000kg1200lM
Model B 2.40m1.60m x 1.93m2,00m1500kg1400lXL
Model B 2.80m1.60m x 1.93m2,40m1750kg1600lXL
Beet cleaning basketBeet cleaning basket
  • Cutter at the bottom of the machine, across the full width of the basket:
  • Model A 2.00m (+320kg)
  • Model A 2.40m (+350kg)
  • Model A 2.80m (+380kg)
  • Model B 2.40m (+400kg)
  • Model B 2.80m (+450kg)

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