The Beet Cleaner Cutter “BRS TRACTOR” is suitable for cleaning and cutting beets

  • Suitable for cleaning and cutting beets
  • Fully hydraulically driven; three double-acting valves with leakage oil line required
  • One big cleaning roller
  • Spring energized stone valves
  • Cutting roller 600mm
  • Coarseness adjustable by top bar
  • Collection tray under the machine, hydraulic emptying

Recommended min. oil flow rate

40 – 70 l/min.

Cutting roller width



A x B x C

Cleaning roller



BRS Tractor

2.60m x 1.39m x 2.51m1,70m1050kg1850l
Beet cleaner cutter “BRS TRACTOR”Beet cleaner cutter “BRS TRACTOR”
Bietenreinigersnijder Brs Tractor Optie Elektro Hydraulische Bediening
Electro hydraulic control; Use of one double-acting valve, control with 8/3 valve, incl. Control box
Bietenreinigersnijder Brs Tractor Optie Hydraulische Afsluitklep
Hydraulic shut-off valve for cutting chamber
Bietenreinigersnijder Brs Tractor Optie Hydraulische Steenbeveiliging
Hydraulic Stone Protection
Bietenreinigersnijder Brs Tractor Optie Versterkte Reinigingswals
Flint roller, for very stony areas

What is the function of the spring energized stone valves?

If the cleaning roller picks up a stone during cleaning, the roller presses it against the stone valve. The valve opens and discharges the stone to the collection bin, where the cleaning waste also collects.

How does the optional stone safety device work:

When a foreign object enters the cutting chamber, it exerts a specific pressure on the counter blade. The cylinder transmits this pressure to a control block that causes the counter blade to open at a set pressure. The stone leaves the machine along with the beets. Once the stone has left the machine, the door closes automatically. This option does not require an additional valve on the telescopic handler, wheel loader or tractor.

Where does the waste from cleaning go?

On the underside of the machine is a “false bottom” that serves as a receptacle for the waste. Emptying the bin is easy by tilting the bin.

What is the optional shut-off valve for?

This valve extends the dwell time of the beets in the machine, allowing for longer cleaning. The valve is installed in the cutting chamber and is hydraulically controlled via a cylinder. By controlling the oil flow in the opposite direction, the shut-off valve closes and the roller rotates in the opposite direction. To clean all beets longer, the cleaning and cutting process can be repeated several times. If necessary, a shut-off valve can be operated manually on the cylinder. To cut the beets, simply reverse the oil flow again (and open the closed tap if necessary). The shut-off valve does not require an additional valve.

Option “Reinforced cleaning roller Silex”:

In very stony areas, there is the possibility of choosing the “Reinforced cleaning roller Silex” option. In this choice, the “U-profiles” are replaced by flat frames made of a much stronger type of steel called “Silex.”

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