The cleaner cutter “AXIAL FOR TELEHANDLER” is suitable for cleaning and cutting beets, potatoes, carrots and other tuberous plants.

  • Suitable for cleaning and cutting beets, potatoes and other tuber crops
  • Available in different models
  • Fully hydraulically driven; one double-acting valve with leakage oil line required
  • Four axial cleaning rollers
  • Cross-mounted cutting roller
  • Coarseness adjustable by top bar
  • Collection tray at the bottom of the machine
  • Provision for attachment M for telehandler/wheel loader to be mounted

Recommended min. oil flow rate

40 – 70 l/min.

Cutting roller width



A x B x C

Cleaning roller




Axial A

1.50m x 1.21m x 1.49m0,85m500kg700lM

Axial B

1.95m x 1.21m x 1.49m1,30m580kg1000lM

Axial C

2.20m x 1.29m x 1.58m1,55m650kg1400lM

Axial D

2.45m x 1.31m x 1.64m1,80m750kg1900lM

Axial E

2.70m x 1.39m x 2.05m2,05m870kg2500lM
Cleaner cutter “AXIAL TELEHANDLER”Cleaner cutter “AXIAL TELEHANDLER”
Reinigersnijder Axiaal Verreiker Optie Enkel Reinigen
Cleaning only, without cutting unit, but with manual shut-off valve
Reinigersnijder Axiaal Verreiker Optie Hydraulische Steenbeveiliging
Hydraulic Stone Protection

How does stone protection work:

If a foreign object enters the cutting chamber, it will create a certain pressure on the counter blade. This pressure is transmitted by the cylinder to a control block, which ensures that the counter blade will open at a set pressure. The stone leaves the machine along with the beets. Once the stone is out of the machine, door closes again.

Where does the waste from cleaning go?

At the bottom of the machine is a “false bottom” where the waste is collected. The bin can be easily emptied by tipping out the bin.

Cleaning only:

For cleaning only, the machine can also be supplied without a cutting cabinet. Then a mechanical shut-off valve is installed in its place.

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