The ‘CUBIC MASTER’ is suitable for spreading straight packs of hay or straw. Its compact design also makes it suitable for small articulated loaders, telehandlers, skid-steer loaders and front loaders.

  • A pack splitter is designed to distribute straw or hay evenly, which is crucial to creating a comfortable and clean living environment for animals.
  • Standard for half a suit
  • Fully hydraulically driven, one double-acting valve with leakage oil line required
  • Three variable-speed adjustable distribution rollers
  • Double-sided unloading using 1000mm wide unloading belt
  • Electro-hydraulic control with joystick, 12V connection required
  • Provision for attachment M for telehandler/wheel loader to be mounted

Bale distributor “CUBIC MASTER”

Recommended oil flow rate

40 – 70l/min


800kg (without unstrap 550kg)


1.37m x 1.62m x 2.22m

Loading width


Loading height


Length of attachment



Bale distributor “CUBIC MASTER”Bale distributor “CUBIC MASTER”
  • Hay version; heavier motors, distribution rollers half-full blades and two-sided speed controller on the unloading belt
  • Version without unloading belt, without hydraulic valves, without speed controller
  • Dividing roller half-full of blades
  • Distribution roller full of blades
  • Wider unloading belt. 2m20 instead of 1m60
  • Speed controller unloading belt (standard on hay version)
Higher attachmentHigher attachment
Higher attachment

Round bales:

A bale distributor such as the “Cubic Master” is typically designed for distributing rectangular or square bales (also called cubic bales). These machines are specifically tailored to the size and shape of this type of bale.

On the other hand, a “BaleMaster with tailgate” is designed to handle and distribute round bales. Having a loading ramp facilitates loading the round bales onto the machine, then distributing the material efficiently.

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