The Bale distributor “BALEMASTER Tailgate” is suitable for distributing straw and hay, using an unloading belt. Its size makes it more suitable for larger articulated loaders and telehandlers.

The “BaleMaster tailgate” offers optimum efficiency in distributing straw and hay, including round bales. This model comes standard with a loading ramp for effortless material handling.

Fully hydraulically driven, this machine requires only one double-acting valve with leakage oil line for smooth operation. The two distribution rollers ensure even spreading, supported by a variably adjustable unloading belt and bottom chain for precise control of the spreading process.

A two-sided unloading system via a 500 mm wide unloading belt further improves efficiency. The electro-hydraulic control uses a joystick and requires a 12V connection for easy control.

In addition, the “BaleMaster tailgate” offers the possibility of attaching an M-type attachment, making it easy to mount on a telescopic handler or wheel loader.

This powerful and versatile machine is an essential addition for farmers who strive for optimal performance when distributing different types of bales.

As a smaller alternative, I would also like to present you this machine: Bale Distributor “BALEMASTER”

Bale Distributor “BALEMASTER Tailgate”

Recommended oil flow rate




A x B x C

2.20m x 1.84m x 3.25m

Loading width


Loading length



Bale Distributor “BALEMASTER Tailgate”Bale Distributor “BALEMASTER Tailgate”
Wireless ControlWireless Control
Wireless Control
Sideshift (sliding belt, belt 2m60 long, can hydraulically shift 20cm to either side)Sideshift (sliding belt, belt 2m60 long, can hydraulically shift 20cm to either side)
Sideshift (sliding belt, belt 2m60 long, can hydraulically shift 20cm to either side)

Three Point:

The Bale Distributor also fits, provided the optional 3 point hitch, on the back of the tractor as well. However, a hydraulic top bar is recommended for this (not available through VDW), this facilitates scooping the suit.

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