The tubgrinder ‘PIRANHA’ joins our range when it comes to chopping straw, dry manure, grass hay, alfalfa,… is concerned.

  • Suitable for chopping straw, dry manure, grass hay, alfalfa,…
  • Trailed version
  • Mechanically driven hammer mill by PTO shaft
  • Three double-acting valves required
  • Hydraulically driven unloading conveyor, auger and tub
  • Hydraulically height adjustable unloading belt, standard unloading side right
  • Hydraulic support leg
  • Hydraulically tilting tub, for cleaning/maintenance
  • No Stress Module: Computer for speed settings in and out of fairing
Tubgrinder “Piranha”
Recommended oil flow rate60-100l/min
Recommended power150hp
A x B x C (Transport)2.55m x 3.05m x 6.16m
Cockpit width (widest part)3,00m
Fill height 3,00m
Tubgrinder “PIRANHA”Tubgrinder “PIRANHA”
  • Set seven:
    – Holes 1 ½ inches (38.1mm)
    – Holes 2 inches (50.8mm)
    – Holes 2 ½ inch (63.5mm)
    – Holes 3 inch (76.2mm)
    – Holes 4 inches (101.6mm)
  • Hydraulic brakes (not homologated)
  • Homologated for public roads, excl. brakes
  • Homologated for public roads, incl. two-lead air brake system
Homologated for public roadHomologated for public road
Homologated for public road
Different types of sievesDifferent types of sieves
Different types of sieves

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