The ‘COURIER’ is suitable for spreading and distributing straw and hay, both rectangular and round packs. Its compact and light construction also makes it handy for small articulated loaders, skid-steer loaders, telehandlers or front loaders.

It is ideal for bedding straw and hay, including round bales. Fully hydraulically driven, requires only one double-acting valve. With hydraulic distribution roller, variably adjustable unloading belt and bottom chain, the machine ensures accurate spreading. The two-sided unloading function with a 500 mm wide unloading belt increases efficiency. Optionally, discs can be used in place of the release strap. Electro-hydraulic control with joystick, coupled with a 12V connection, provides easy control. Has a provision for hitch M, allowing mounting on a telescopic handler or wheel loader. The “COURIER” is a powerful and versatile choice for farmers who strive for optimum performance when spreading a variety of bales.

Bale distributor “COURIER”

Recommended oil flow rate

40 – 70l/min


625kg (with discs)

A x B x C (with disks)

1.98m x 1.78m x 1.80m

Loading width


Loading length



Bale distributor “COURIER”Bale distributor “COURIER”
Dishes instead of conveyor beltsDishes instead of conveyor belts
Dishes instead of conveyor belts

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