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Straw blower DUO

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The straw blower DUO is the latest model in the VDW Construction straw processing range.

This straw blower comes standard with a bottom chain, a swivel pipe, a tail lift and not one but two fans. The low design of the machine ensures a well-arranged and ergonomic spreading process. The bottom chain in combination with the aggressive straw development roller ensures a constant supply of straw to the rotating pipe via the two fans.

The machine is available in two formats:

The DUO Compact is suitable for both small articulated and skid steer loaders and small tractors.
The DUO Power is suitable for tractors from 90 hp and telehandlers with a minimum lifting capacity of 2 tons.

  • Standard:
    • Sprinkle left and right by using 180 ° rotating pipe
    • Clear, ergonomic and safe spreading
    • Aggressive straw developer roller
    • Also suitable for small articulated or skid steer loaders

    Both rectangular packages and round bales

  • Specifications:

    Outside dimensions (L x B x H)

    (tail lift open)

    2 960 x 1 680 x 2 170 mm 4 030 x 1 810 x 2 350 mm

    Tansport dimensions (L x B x H)

    (tail lift closed)

    2 260 x 1 680 x 2 170 mm 2 930 x 1 810 x 2 350 mm
    Inside width of loading space 1 420 mm 1 520 mm
    Loading length (tail lift open) 1 500 mm ( 2 200 mm) 2 000 mm ( 3 100 mm)
    Weight +/- 840 kg 1 190 kg

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