The ‘UNO Compact’ is a compact and lightweight hydraulic straw blower, extremely suitable for small articulated loaders, skid-steer loaders or for in the front loader. Its simplicity makes it easy to use.

  • Light in weight, ideal for small articulated loaders, skid-steer loaders or for in the front loader
  • Better front visibility due to low construction
  • Hydraulically driven, 1 double-acting valve with leakage oil line required
  • One fan, distribution roller and a transit roller that takes over the work of the missing bottom chain
  • Left blowing
  • Mechanically adjustable blower nozzle
  • Not suitable for round bales
  • Alternatively, I present to you our even more equipped machine: Straw blower “DUO”

Recommended oil flow rate

35-65l/min – From 25hp



A x B x C (transport)

1.25m x 1.31m x 2.13m

Loading width


Loading length



Straw blower “UNO Compact”Straw blower “UNO Compact”
Unocompact optie Onder blazend
Under blowing
Unocompact optie Rechts blazend
Unocompact Optie Uitblaaspijp Elektrisch Richten
Air outlet pipe electric directed

Working with the UNO Compact:
The UNO Compact is simple in design, meaning that it also has minimal built-in hydraulic components. To keep the pack of straw moving, the idea is to “play” (move back and forth) with the double-acting valve. The fan always continues to rotate in the correct direction, but this causes the distribution rollers to rotate forward or backward. The speed in backward turning is infinitely adjustable, this applies only to the rear roller.

Straw pack on its side:
To make the UNOCompact as light as possible, the machine has also been made narrower. Because the machine is only 1m00 wide, the pack must be laid on its side to be scooped up.

Option: Underblowing: This option is interesting for bedding small calf pens, for example, but can also serve as an alternative to the missing rotary nozzle (which is not possible as an option). To choose between “bottom blowing” or just top left blowing, a slide with a rotary lever can be moved.

Round bales:
This machine is not suitable for round bales (because of the width)

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