The regular straw blower ‘HYDRAULIC’ is our cheaper alternative to the straw blower ‘DUO’, due to its lower equipment level.

  • For straight suits
  • Available in 2 models;
    • Short model: half suit
    • Long model: full suit
  • Fully hydraulically driven, one double-acting valve and leakage oil line required
  • Standard with one large fan, two distribution rollers and bottom chain
  • Bottom chain and distribution rollers in variable speed adjustable
  • Left blowing, straight pipe
  • Electro-hydraulic operation with control box (12V required)
  • Provision for attachment M for telehandler/wheel loader to be mounted
  • Alternatively, I present to you our even more equipped machine: Straw blower “Hydraulic ” tailgate

Straw blazer short model

Straw blazer long model

Recommended oil flow rate




C x A x B (transport, straight pipe)

2.95m x 2.05m x 2.05m3.80m x 2.05m x 2.05m

C x A x B (transport, rotary pipe)

2.95m x 1.70m x 2.45m3.80m x 1.70m x 2.45m

Loading width


Loading length



Straw blower “HYDRAULIC”Straw blower “HYDRAULIC”
Stroblazer Hydraulisch Optie 45 Pijp
45° pipe, incl. valve and actuator (+50kg)
Stroblazer Hydraulisch Optie Draadloze Bediening
Wireless Control
Stroblazer Hydraulisch Optie Draaipijp
Rotating pipe 270°, incl. valve and control (+120kg)
Stroblazer Hydraulisch Optie Onder Blazend
Bottom blowing
Stroblazer Hydraulisch Optie Watervernevelingssysteem
Water sprinkler on the pipe
Stroblazer Hydraulisch Optie Zuignapbevestiging
Suction cup mounting

Round bales:

To spread round bales, a machine with a tailgate is recommended.

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