The straw blower ‘Carried by TRACTOR’ is still part of our range, for those who want a simple straw blower with PTO drive.

  • PTO driven fan with 2 speeds
  • Two hydraulically driven distribution rollers
  • Variable speed adjustable hydraulic bottom chain
  • Straight pipe, right blowing
  • Hydraulic tailgate
  • Mechanical operation by valve block, one double-acting valve with leakage line required
  • PTO shaft with cam clutch
  • Alternatively, I would also like to present you this machine: Straw blower “TRACTOR Trailed”

Recommended oil flow/power

40l/min – From 100hp



A x B x C (transport, straight pipe)

2.15m x 2.10m x 3.05m

A x B x C (transport, rotary pipe)

1.70m x 2.70m x 3.05m

Loading width


Loading length



Straw blower ‘Carried by TRACTOR’Straw blower ‘Carried by TRACTOR’
Stroblazer Tractor Gedragen Optie 45 Pijp
45° pipe, incl. valve and control (+50kg)
Stroblazer Tractor Gedragen Optie Elektro Hydraulische Bediening
Electro-hydraulic operation with 4/3 valves
Stroblazer Tractor Gedragen Optie Onder Blazend
Bottom blowing
Stroblazer Tractor Gedragen Optie Watervernevelingssysteem
Water sprinkler on the pipe
Stroblazer Tractor Gedragen Optie draaipijp 270°
Rotating pipe 270°


The straw blower “Duo Compact” or “Duo Power” can also be chosen for this type of straw blower. These machines are also available with a tractor three-point hitch. The difference is the drive of the fan; on the Duo this is hydraulic ( with PTO optional on Duo Power). The Duo Compact is also lighter in construction.

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