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The mixer is fully galvanized. A reversing cabinet can be placed on top of it. Supplied without PTO. With double auger screw for a large capacity. Only available with pulling screw.

  • Standard:

    Manure mixer, various dimensions. The special enclosure around the auger screw ensures very efficient suction of the manure.
    The mixer is made of galvanised steel.
    Can be provided with an articulated frame or a basic support
    A framework to be built in and a slide are available for these manure mixers.
    The standard mixer length is 5 metres. Other lengths upon request. Standard with suction screw.

    Screw diameter 50 cm (54 or 60 cm square)
    Screw diameter 55 cm (60 cm square)
    Screw diameter 60 cm (70 cm square)
    Screw diameter 90 cm (100 cm square) (model: Extra)

  • Options:
    • Articulated frame
    • Support
    • Reversing cabinet

    A framework to be built in and guide frame to install in the manure pit

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