Fodder bucket with auger

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The feeding bucket with auger is suitable for feeding corn, pulp, beets, potatoes and short grass (with grassversion option). Available on telescopic handler and tractor.

  • Standard:

    This machine is standard equipped with a stirrer to prevent bridging. The discharge side can be selected. As an option the machine can be made with discharge on both sides. A rotating knife can be fitted to the exhaust pipe for shredding beets and potatoes. The exhaust pipe can be lengthened to size. There are different sizes available for each type of telescopic handler/tractor. Our recommendation is to have the bucket made in Cobranox* for a long service life.

  • Silage systems:

    The following silage extraction systems can be added:

    • Claw
    • Silage block cutter
  • Specifications:
    WidthOn loaderOn tractor  
    1,55 m 985 l 490 kg M / /
    1,75 m 1275 l 520 kg M / /
    1,95 m 1485 l 560 kg M / /
    2,15 m 1675 l 600 kg M 1675 l 770 kg
    2,35 m 1865 l 640 kg M 1840 l 870 kg
    2,55 m 2200 l 750 kg XL 2170 l 1000 kg
    2, 75m 2500 l 850 kg XL 2455 l 1120 kg
  • Options:
    • Rotating blade to cut beets
    • Rotating blade to cut potatoes (more blades)
    • Grass version (only for chopped grass)
    • Dual-side discharge via a cover at the bottom of the auger with a hydraulic drive (min. oilflow 50l/min) (incl. 6/2-valve) (with this option the auger is also hydraulically driven on tractor)
    • Hydraulic shut-off valve for pipe (incl. 6/2-valve)
    • Manual shut-off valve with spring action
    • Heavy duty auger: 10 mm thickness
    • Bucket made in Cobranox* (For fodder buckets up to 2,35m)
    • Bucket made in Cobranox* (For fodder buckets starting from 2,55m)
    • Channel in Cobranox*, incl. pipe
    • Extended discharge pipe
    • Control unit with multifunctional lever (1 to 4 6/2-valves)
    • Heavy duty driven enigine (incl. as standard on buckets starting from 2,15m)
    • Double reduced size

    Double increased size

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