The Fodder bucket with bottom chain for the telehandler or wheel loader is suitable for quick and easy distribution of all common products, including short and long grass.

  • Suitable for all common products, including short and long grass
  • Fully hydraulically driven, one double-acting valve with leakage oil line required
  • Hydraulically operated unloading door, using 6/2 valve (12v connection required)
  • Loose side of your choice; left or right
  • Bottom plate in COBRANOX*
  • 3 different silage systems possible
  • Attachment M or XL, depending on model, for coupling telescopic handler/wheel loader
  • As an alternative to the tractor, I also like to present you this machine: Horizontal mixing bucket “tractor”

Recommended min. oil flow rate

Model A: From 40l/min

Model B: From 50l/min

Scoop width (A)

B x C




1.60m Model A

1.27m x 1.23m680kg1280lM

1.80m Model A

1.27m x 1.23m700kg1450lM

2.00m Model A

1.27m x 1.23m720kg1660lM

2.20m Model A

1.27m x 1.23m750kg1750lM

2.40m Model A

1.27m x 1.23m820kg1920lM

2.60m Model A

1.27m x 1.23m890kg2050lM

2.80m Model A

1.27m x 1.23m980kg2170lM

2.00m Model B

1.44m x 1.41m870kg2300lXL

2.20m Model B

1.44m x 1.41m950kg2780lXL

2.40m Model B

1.44m x 1.41m1065kg3200lXL

2.60m Model B

1.44m x 1.41m1180kg3600lXL

2.80m Model B

1.44m x 1.41m1300kg3900lXL
Fodder bucket with bottom chain “TELEHANDLER”Fodder bucket with bottom chain “TELEHANDLER”
  • 2nd side unloading, incl. 6/2 valve (+60kg)
Voederbak Met Bodemketting Verreiker Optie Agressieve Wals Voor Het Versnipperen Van Bieten
Aggressive roller and heavy door on 1 side (for beet shredding)
Voederbak Met Bodemketting Verreiker Optie Elektro Hydraulische Bediening
Electro-hydraulic control with 4/3 valves (constant oil flow and free return if required)
Voederbak Met Bodemketting Verreiker Optie Uitkuilsysteem
Silage systems; Claw (photo), retracting board or silage cutter

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