Mixing bucket with auger for telescopic handler

<Mixing bucket with auger for telescopic handler >

The mixing bucket with auger is suitable for mixing corn, pulp, beets, potatoes and short grass (option mixing wing).

  • Standard:

    As standard, the bucket is supplied with fixed mixing arms for mixing loose products. The discharge side is self-determinable. With the telescopic handler version the 6/2-valve is included in the price, 1 time electricity is needed on the telescopic handler. As an option mixing wings can be mounted for mixing cut grass. Different sizes of the trough are possible. On the end of the auger a rotating beet or potato knife can be mounted. The trough can also be loosened from the 2nd side by means of a valve at the bottom of the auger. Our recommendation is to take the Cobranox* version for a long lifetime of the bucket.

  • Silage systems:
    • Claw

    Silage block cutter

  • Specifications:
    Volume ±WidthWeight ±ATT
    1 300 l 1,55 m 775 kg M
    1 450 l 1,75 m 850 kg M
    1 600 l 1,95 m 925 kg M
    1 750 l 2,15 m 1 000 kg M
    2 000 l 2,35 m 1 075 kg XL
    2 200 l 2,55 m 1 150 kg XL
    Larger sizes upon request
  • Options:
    • Mixing wing (to mix cut grass)
    • Smaller size
    • Larger size (= + 300 l)
    • Rotating blade for potatoes or beets with shear bolt
    • Dual-side discharge via a flap at the bottom of the auger (including 6/2 valve)
    • Cobranox bucket
    • Heavy-duty auger: 10 mm thick over complete width
    • Hydraulic shut-off valve on discharge pipe (one additional double-acting valve required)
    • Control unit with multifunctional lever for one to four additional functions (one to four 6/2 valves)

    Electrohydraulic operation with 4/3 valves and a joystick (continuous oil flow)

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