The ploughshare mixer is suitable for mixing and unloading all kinds of loose products such as maize, all kinds of cereals, powder, flour and granular products, compost, fertilisers, soil,…

  • Suitable for mixing and unloading CCM
  • To telehandler; fully hydraulically driven, one double-acting valve and leakage oil line requires CCM
  • To tractor; with power take-off for mixing, hydraulic tipping and unloading, two double-acting valves and leakage oil line required
  • Unloading side of choice; left, right or bottom ( without auger, with hydraulically operated slide)
  • On telehandler: with 6/2 valve for unloading (12v connection required)
  • Attachment M or XL, depending on model, for coupling to telehandler/wheel loader

Recommended min. oil flow/power

From 50l/min, 90pk


Scoop width (A)

B x C





1,15m x 1,47m650kg900lM


1,15m x 1,47m810kg1350lM


1,15m x 1,47m850kg1500lM


1,15m x 1,47m890kg1650lM


1,15m x 1,62m930kg1820lXL


1,15m x 1,62m970kg2060lXL

2,10m Tractor

1,30m x 1,95m980kg2200l/

2,30m Tractor

1,30m x 1,95m1040kg2400l/

2,50m Tractor

1,30m x 1,95m1100kg2650l/
Ploughshare mixer (Ribbon mixer) tractor or telehandlerPloughshare mixer (Ribbon mixer) tractor or telehandler
  • Push-off blade with replaceable blade:
    o To tractor: one additional double-acting valve required
    o To telehandler: incl. 6/2 valve
  • For telehandler: possibility of unloading without auger; hydraulic slide at bottom of bucket
  • Gutter in COBRANOX*, incl. exhaust tube

*COBRANOX is a wear-resistant and acid-resistant material

Ploegschaarmenger Lintmenger Tractor Of Verreiker Optie Afduwmes
Push-off blade with replaceable blade:
Ploegschaarmenger Lintmenger Tractor Of Verreiker Optie Lint Om Te Mengen
Ribbon Mixer
Schuif in plaats van vijzel
Slide instead of discharge auger

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