Fodder bucket with 2 augers

<Fodder bucket with 2 augers >

The fodder bucket with two augers is suitable for corn, pulp, beet, potato and short grass (with grass version option).


  • Standard:

    This machine is standard equipped with 2 augers that are fully hydraulically driven and a 6/2 valve for 'comfort operation': without tension both augers rotate in series, with voltage each auger can be operated separately. The feeding bucket with two augers is not standard equipped with an agitator, but this is strongly recommended against bridge formation. Optionally, both sides can be fitted with a rotating beet- or potato knife. We recommend taking the Cobranox* version for a long service life.

  • Silage systems:

    The following silage extraction systems can be added:

    • Claw
    • Silage block cutter
  • Specifications:
    WidthOn loaderOn tractor
    1,60 m 720 kg 1260 l M / /
    1,90 m 775 kg 1590 l M 850 kg 1650 l
    2,20 m 830 kg 1910 l M 905 kg 1950 l
    2,40 m 860 kg 2120 l M 960 kg 2150 l
    2,60 m 1000 kg 2350 l XL 1020 kg 2400 l
  • Options:
    • Stirrer to prevent bridging
    • Smaller size
    • Larger size
    • Grass version
    • Rotating blade for cutting potatoes or beet with shear bolt
    • Two heavy-duty augers: 10 mm thick over complete length
    • Heavy-duty engine
    • Cobranox bucket (abrasion-resistant steel)
    • Cobranox channels

    Control unit with multifunctional lever for up to four additional functions

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