The horizontal mixing bucket with auger for attachment to the telehandler or wheel loader is suitable for mixing loose products such as maize, cut grass, pulp, shredded straw, cereals,…

  • Suitable for mixing loose products such as corn, pulp, beets, potatoes and short cut grass
  • Available in different widths
  • Fully hydraulically driven; one double-acting valve and leakage oil line required
  • Loose side of your choice; left or right
  • Unloading auger on unloading side mounted in plastic wear strips
  • Mixing arms with shears
  • 6/2 valve for operating discharge (12v connection required)
  • 3 different silage systems possible
  • Attachment M or XL, depending on model, for coupling telescopic handler/wheel loader
  • As an alternative to the tractor, I also like to present you this machine: Horizontal mixing bucket “tractor”

Recommended min. oil flow rate

From 50l/min


Scoop width (A)

B x C





1.16m x 1.60m775kg1300lM


1.16m x 1.60m850kg1450lM


1.16m x 1.60m925kg1600lM


1.16m x 1.60m1000kg1750lM


1.16m x 1.60m1075kg2000lXL


1.16m x 1.60m1150kg2200lXL
Horizontal mixing bucket “TELEHANDLER”Horizontal mixing bucket “TELEHANDLER”
  • Smaller size
  • Larger size
  • Bake in COBRANOX*:
    o For container 500l to 1600l
    o For tank from 1750l
  • Thicker full-width auger; 10mm instead of 8mm

*COBRANOX is a wear-resistant and acid-resistant material

Mengbak Met Verreiker Optie 2e Kant Lossen Met Klepje
2nd side discharge with valve at the bottom of the auger (incl. 6/2 valve and control box)
Mengbak Met Verreiker Optie Elektro Hydraulische Bediening
Electro-hydraulic control with 4/3 valves and joystick (constant oil flow and free return if required)
Mengbak Met Verreiker Optie Hydraulisch Afsluitklepje
Hydraulic shut-off valve on outlet pipe (incl. 6/2 valve and operating box)
Mengbak Met Verreiker Optie Meedraaiend Mes Voor Bieten Of Aardappelen
Rotating blade for beet or potatoes
Mengbak Met Verreiker Optie Mengvleugel
Mixing wing (for mixing cut grass)
Mengbak Met Verreiker Optie Uitkuilsysteem
Silage systems: Claw (pictured), retraction board or silage cutter

With option “silage system withdrawal board”:

With this option, to work comfortably, the option: “electro hydraulic control with 4/3 valves” is recommended. Here the oil flow is controlled in 1 direction and the entire machine can be controlled with the microswitches. If the retraction board is operated with 6/2 valves, it works cumbersomely.

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