Straw Cultivation

Straw blower cart for tractor

<Straw blower cart for tractor >

Suitable for lighter tractors.

  • Standard:

    For both round and rectangular bales. Straw bale feed by means of a continuously adjustable feeder chain. This machine is equipped as standard with two distribution rollers. It can, therefore, process hard pressed rectangular bales without problems.

    The fan is driven by a gear casing with free wheel function and a universal joint shaft with shear bolt. The two distribution rollers have a hydraulic drive.

    Operation as standard with the manual valve block on the machine. It can also be operated electrically. In that case the back window of the cabin can remain closed.

    The straw is blown to a distance of about 15 to 18 metres. The blow pipe is unfolded hydraulically. Extended model. Rear discharge.

  • Options:
    • 45° adjustable pipe
    • 18° adjustable pipe
    • Electric operation
    • Extended model

    Rear discharge

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