Straw Cultivation

Straw blower carried by tractor

<Straw blower carried by tractor >

The carried straw blower for tractor processes both round and rectangular straw bales.

  • Standard:

    The two distribution rollers are driven and disentangle the straw towards the fan.
    The straw is driven by a ground chain with an adjustable speed.
    The standard version blows to the right and is fed using a hydraulic loading flap at the back.
    Spreads at a distance of approximately 18 m; suitable for both round and rectangular bales.
    A left-blowing adjustable pipe can also be provided as an option.
    The standard version is operated manually using a mechanical valve block at the front of the straw blower.

    Tractor as of 80 hp; oil flow as of 30 l/min.
    Width: 1.99 m
    Height: 1.40 m
    Length: retracted = 2.74 m; open loading flap = 4.23 m
    Weight: 1300 kg (1360 kg. with adjustable pipe)

  • Options:
    • 45° adjustable pipe
    • 180° adjustable pipe
    • Universal joint shaft driven distribution roller (the lower large roller)

    Electro-hydraulic operation with joystick (continuous oil flow)

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