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Silage spreader

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For the distribution of silage grass and corn.

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  • Standard:

    Standard manual tilt setting, also available as a hydraulic option. Can be used in front of or behind the tractor with universal joint shaft or hydraulically for bulldozers. Very good results, also above the walls. Protection using a star slip coupling.

  • Specifications:
     Agricultural versionContract work version
    Width 2,50 m. 2,90 m.
    Diameter with paddles 900 mm. 1280 mm.
    Diameter of pipe 640 mm. 940 mm.
    Weight 566 kg. 1020 kg.
  • Options:
    • Hydraulic angular position
    • Hydraulic drive

    Set for front linkage

More in this category: Maize Leveller »

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