The stationary beet cutter ‘RS STAT’ is suitable for cutting beetroot, potatoes and other tuberous plants.

  • Suitable for cutting beets and other tuber crops
  • Two versions:
    • Electric:
      • Electric motor 22Kw with gearbox
      • Stone protection
      • Softstarter recommended
      • 3x380V + N required
    • Hydraulic:
      • One double acting valve with leakage line required
    • Cutting roller 1800mm
    • Three adjustable contour knives
    • Coarseness adjustable

Recommended min. oil flow rate

RS 1800 stat hydraulic: min. 60l/min.



A x B x C

Cutting roller width

RS stat

1800 hydraulic

1.68m x 1.56m x 2.80m1,80m

RS stat

1800 electric

1.68m x 1.56m x 2.80m1,80m
Stationary beet cutter “RS STAT”Stationary beet cutter “RS STAT”
Stationaire Bietensnijder Optie Aardappelplaten
Potato plates
Stationaire Bietensnijder Optie Oliekoeler
Oil cooler (hydraulic only)
Stationaire Bietensnijder Optie Pompgroep
Hydraulic pump group (hydraulic only)
Stationaire Bietensnijder Optie Steenbeveiliging
Stone protection -> Electric or hydraulic
Stationaire Bietensnijder Optie Stevig Onderstel
Solid base

How does stone protection work:

If the cutting roller takes a foreign object with it, it will create a certain pressure on the counter blade. This pressure is transmitted by the cylinder to a control block, which ensures that the counter blade will open at a set pressure. The stone leaves the machine along with the beets. Once the stone is out of the machine, door closes again.

Potato plates:

For cutting smaller tuberous crops such as potatoes, carrots,… there is the possibility of mounting “potato plates”. These keep small tubers from falling out on the other side of the cutting roller.

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