Mounted seedbed combination

Mounted seedbed combination

The ideal machine for quick and easy seedbed preparation.

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  • Standard equipment:

    The standard machine relay is composed of two fixed wheel track eradicators, a pressurised weight-distribution roller with a diameter of 500 mm, two rows of straight spring tines, an adjustable and toothed levelling bar, two more rows of straight spring tines and a crumbler roller with a diameter of 320 mm which is supported by leaf springs.
    The depth of the tines can be continuously adjusted by turning two top bars.
    The machine is available in various widths: 3 m, 3.25 m and 5.2 m.
    Intermediate sizes are available on request.
    The machines can also be adapted to your requirements.

  • Options:

    Crosskill rollers
    Double crumbler rollers.
    Adjustable dual crumbler rollers.
    Cage roller diameter 400 mm
    Extra wheel track eradicators with 300 mm wide blade
    Wing tine on wheel track eradicators 480 mm instead of 300 mm wide
    Adjustable dual crumbler rollers
    2nd levelling bar behind the steel angle bar.

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