Mixer bucket with auger for telescopic handlers/wheel loaders

Mixer bucket with auger for telescopic handlers/wheel loaders

This mixer bucket is suitable for cutting silage, mixing and feeding of corn, pulp, beet, potatoes etc., and short grass.

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  • Standard equipment:

    The mixing is carried out by fixed mixing arms which, thanks to the round shape of the bucket, can mix all the contents while preserving the structure. The VDW Mixing Wing can be chosen as an option instead of the fixed mixing arms. This Mixing Wing allows you to mix up to 75% chopped grass with less power.
    These buckets are fitted with a quick-coupling system and the ACCORD system which allows a weighing system to be connected. The thickness of the 6 mm auger thickens at the discharge opening to 10 mm, and is supported by synthetic strips. This system was developed by VDW Constructie, and ensures that the auger does not rotate on the base. It also ensures that no extra support is necessary which would obstruct discharging. When ordering, you can select the discharge side yourself.
    Minimum flow rate of 60 l/min. (for loose fodder). Powered by two motors in series, one for the auger and one for the mixer, with solenoid valve (solenoid valve 6/2 included).
    To extend the service life of the bucket, the plate can be supplied as a special wear plate or an extra-resistant stainless steel plate.

  • Options:

    New mixing system: The Mixing Wing
    2nd side discharge
    Beet or potato blade
    Silage grabber
    Hydraulic claw
    Hydraulic saw
    Electric remote control (also wireless)
    Weighing system
    Larger capacity
    Bucket and/or channel in COBRANOX (durable stainless steel, high resistance to abrasion and acids)

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