Automatic silage extraction fodder mixing cart

<Automatic silage extraction fodder mixing cart >

Grass, straw, corn, pulp, beets, etc. This machine can process it all!

  • Standard:

    Loading the machine is fast using the mounted silage block cutter which extracts approximately 800 kg of grass in 10 seconds. Everything is mixed, aerated and cut using the mixing arms on which blades have been mounted. This non-mandatory mixing equipment ensures the fodder is aerated. Discharge at front right and left using a conveyor belt. It can be operated electrically from the tractor. A weighing system and an oil line can also be added to operate with even more ease. It cannot handle whole bales of grass.

    Advantages of this machine:

    • Silage extraction is exceptionally fast and with little wear and tear
    • Affordable investment
    • Quick mixing and aerated fodder
    • Only a small tractor is required and no additional tractor (or bulldozer) is required for filling purposes.
    • Mixing a variety of fodder is easy, half a cart load can also be mixed.
    • The machine is very nimble
    • Cobranox tub (abrasion-resistant steel).
    • Maximum silage extraction depth: +/- 30 cm.
    • Weighing system: Four electronic load cells
    • Mixing principle: Free-fall system
    • Discharge: Discharge belt front right and left
    • Drive: Universal joint shaft with wide angle

    Electric operation included. This machine is equipped with a silage cutter block as standard. Other silage extraction methods can be addressed upon request.

  • Specifications:
    Silage extraction mixing and dosing cart5m³7m³
    Silage block cutter +/- 3 m +/- 3.30 m
    Width 2.30 m 2.50 m
    Height 2.20 m (2.80 m in release position) 2.50 m (3.10 m In release position)
    Discharge height 60 cm 60 cm
    Volume 5 m³ (+/- 2000 kg mixed forage) 7 m³ (+/- 2800 kg mixed forage)
    Tractor power Vanaf 65 pk Vanaf 70 pk
    Required oil flow 35 l/min 35 l/min
    Oil flow using mounted pump 60 l/min 60 l/min
  • Options:
    • Weighing system using four load cells
    • Oil line on the machine, as well as electric operation

    Electric operation only

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