Vertical mixing cart with two augers

<Vertical mixing cart with two augers >

The VDW mixing cart is suitable for all fodder, including unwrapped roughage and straw bales.

  • Standard:

    Auger equipped with serrated blades
    Oversized planetary gearbox.
    Two hydraulic adjustable counter-blades
    Unique anti-spill edge/reinforcement edge at the top of the tub
    Central lubrication
    Discharge door with discharge plate on the left and right
    Chassis prepared for weighting system
    Steps for easy inspection of the mixing tub
    Universal joint shaft with shear bolt protection and wide angle
    Cobranox base plate and raised edges
    Cobranox reinforced auger edges

  • Specifications:
    Volume ±Number of mixing augersWidthHeight
    12 m³ 2 2,27 m 2,43 m
    14 m³ 2 2,40 m 2,73 m
    18 / 19 m³ 2    
  • Options:
    • Two-speed gearbox
    • Front discharge using a discharge belt or chain
    • Other belts
    • Manual axle braking system
    • Hydraulic axle braking system
    • Scharmüller/Sauerman towing eye ball 80 mm
    • Electric operation; three operations (discharge doors, discharge belt and counter-blades; lines directly to the tractor)

    Additional discharge door at any location

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