Fodder bucket with auger for tractors

Fodder bucket with auger for tractors

This fodder bucket is suitable for feeding corn, beet, potatoes and possibly short cut grass.

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  • Standard equipment:

    For tractors with at least 60 hp.
    Coupling is carried out with a quick-coupling system with bar or ACCORD system. These two systems are provided as standard. The thickness of the 8 mm auger thickens at the discharge opening to 10 mm, and has a diameter of 300 mm. The auger is supported in the discharge opening by synthetic strips which ensure that the auger does not rotate on the base. They also ensure that no extra support is necessary which would obstruct discharging.
    Sheet thickness: 6 mm, provided with a stirrer as standard in order to prevent bridge formation. Standard PTO drive (PTO shaft with shear bolt supplied).

  • Options:

    2nd side discharge
    Beet / potato blade
    Retractable blade with teeth
    Hydraulic saw
    Remote control with cables
    Electric remote control (also wireless)
    Weighing system
    Larger capacity
    Bucket and/or channel in high-tensile hard steel
    Bucket and/or channel in COBRANOX (durable stainless steel, high resistance to abrasion and acids)
    Hydraulic drive
    Hydraulic shut-off valve on the auger
    Thick auger

  • Specifications:
    CapacityShovel widthTotal widthWeight +/-
    1.400l. 2.1 m 2.15m 750kg
    1.550l. 2.3m 2.35m 790kg
    1.700l. 2.5m 2.55m 830kg
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